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Quick Wins : Things you MUST do first – even if you do nothing else!


Existing records and archives audit – what is your monthly spend on worthless information?

Identify legislative requirements – what are your responsibilities to create and maintain?

Identify Information Champions – Set up User / Focus Groups to monitor User experience.

Audit and Compliance :
Identifying your risk!


Independent PRA 2005 – health checks.
Targeted or enterprise wide assessment and gap analysis of recordkeeping capability.
Targeted or enterprise wide Information Risk Assessments.

Content and Digital Landscape :


RIM subject matter specialist for EDMS projects
Digitisation Projects
Migration strategies
Decommissioning of legacy systems

Archives and Storage :
Identifying and protecting your assets!


Listing and appraisal of existing unstructured information.
Development of the General Disposal Authorities.
Application of retention and disposal actions.
Boxing, labelling and transfer of records to Archives NZ or vendor facility.
Activate or instigate an internal disposal process including Destruction Register.
Report to Senior Management on savings/improvements to the organisation.
Communicate changes to standards – international and local changes to RIM legislation.

Business Management:


Record and Information Management Training.
Change Management
Project Management
Information Workflows
Monitoring and Reporting

Information Governance :
Reducing your risk!


Space Management – new buildings, refurbishments and relocations.
Advice on design and functionality of work and storage environments.

Design and implementation of RIM Frameworks.
Strategic Planning – high level documents in support of the RIM Framework.
Business Classification, Taxonomies, Folksonomy and Tagging (unique to your organisation).
Minimum Metadata Requirements.
RIM Training – Entry level for staff members who manage corporate information.
Establish User/Focus Groups (Champions) to monitor User Experience and respond.


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