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At RECMAN Consulting Ltd we understand that every organisation is different and that each has certain characteristics that are unique, and set them apart even from other similar sector organisations. That’s why we like to get to know you and your business better so that we can understand “where your coming from“.

We believe that its important to build a lasting relationship from the beginning so that we can make recommendations based on your actual requirements, not what we think you need. As we collaborate on those requirements we can use our expertise to make suggestions that add value to the end result, which may include those things you haven’t thought about yet, so there are no surprises!

About Recman Consulting experience

Our expertise and experience across the whole records and information management continuum (lifecycle from creation to disposal) enables us to offer a number of professional services for these core information areas;

  1. Audit & Compliance
  2. Information Governance
  3. Archives and Storage
  4. Training (See Information Governance)
  5. Content and the Digital Landscape (See Information Governance)
  6. Business Management (See Information Governance)

For more information about our professional RIM services please refer to our Service Catalogue. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about any of our listed professional services or subject matter that may not be listed here. If we are unable to assist you with the enquiry – we are confident that we can direct you to someone (who can) through our extensive professional network.

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