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It doesn’t matter whether you are a “public office” and subject to compliance under the Public Records Act 2005, a corporate enterprise that must keep financial records, a tertiary institution or a “not for profit” organisation, there are legislative requirements on every organisation to create, manage and retain some form of information.


Do you know first hand how your public office has improved its recordkeeping capability since that first audit and can you show evidence of improvement? There are also a lot of corporates and SME’s who know the obvious things around financial records but are oblivious to the legislative recordkeeping requirements that may apply to them.

Audit & Compliance Services

Undertake an independent health check using the original Archives New Zealand Audit Report as a baseline to provide you with a gap analysis and recommendations.


Ensure that your organisation is meeting its legislative requirements.


Undertake information risk assessments (departmental or organisation wide) to identify any potential information risks that exist.


Make you aware of international and local changes to RIM legislation and standards that may effect your business.

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