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Archives and storage facility

The safe care and custody of records from their creation enables the retention of official records that document the actions and decisions of New Zealand business, “public offices” and local government. It ensures that those records, which have come to the end of their value to an organisation are authorised for destruction, and that records which have significant ongoing value are preserved as archives.

Records which are appraised to be of archival value, will eventually be transferred to an archive or secondary storage area where they will be kept for the long term. Those records, which are appraised to be of short-term value will be stored until the end of their retention period, and then destroyed.

With the cost of floor space in most central business districts at a premium, it is not cost effective or efficient to maintain these inactive or archival records onsite (unless they are critical or high access records) in a purpose built archival facility with environmental and security controls in place. Looking from either the “it’s good business” perspective or the “compliance” standpoint what do you do with your information that has completed its primary function or ceased to be of any value at all?

Do you know when your information has lost its value?


Which scenario would you prefer?

“You don’t know”! There are files in business systems and network drives, on mobile devices, in filing cabinets, desks and on shelves in many locations that are unstructured and unmanaged.

You don’t have a Records and Information Management Framework implemented, but you send archived cartons to an offsite storage vendor regularly. Its a good start because at least we know the vendor will require you to identify the carton content before registration. Are they just storing archives for you or destroying as well? Is it under an approved General Disposal Authority?

With a Records and Information Management Framework implemented, all of your information (hard copy or digital) would be classified and have retention and disposal metadata applied that would ensure that the information once it became obsolete would enter a disposal process in the background – managed by your Records Manager.

RECMAN Consulting Ltd (RCL) will identify and list the information you have and tailor a solution that will comprehensively meet your retention and disposal needs. We will provide you with a solution roadmap (project plan) from start to finish. Milestones on the roadmap will reflect completion of “work chunks” that need to be completed before moving on. Not only does this give you flexibility to undertake work in line with available budget and resources, it allows you to manage the project according to your own timetable. 


We tailor our solutions to be flexible – once we provide you with the roadmap, you can decide whether you need us to do the work for you, or you want to do the work yourself. Either way RCL will provide you with guidance and any training needed to maintain the new processes.

Our Professional Archives and Storage Services


  1. Audit existing records holdings on/off site and determine immediate savings from a cull of worthless information.
    (How much are you paying to store valueless information?) Even if you do nothing else this is a MUST!
  2. Provide advice when planning new buildings, refurbishments and relocations on optimal storage design and setup.
  3. Identifying and listing of information into functions and business activities either related to a Business Classification Scheme, taxonomy or internal tagging (folksonomy).
  4. Appraising the information for its continuing value using a General Disposal Authority.
  5. Remediation of existing unstructured files – hardcopy, shared drives and other management systems for records.
  6. Applying retention and disposal actions – records identified for disposal enter an internal process, while records and  information of continuing or long term value are archived.
  7. Boxing, labelling and transfer of archive cartons to Archives NZ or vendor storage.
  8. Design, implement and action an internal disposal process.
  9. Design and create a Destruction Register to record authorised destruction as a reference.
  10. Report to senior management team on the process and resultant savings/improvement

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